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The Hoffhaus core team is Lucinda & Nick Reddyhoff. 

They have many years of experience, and a wide skill-set including working in and for, top advertising and marketing agencies, working for marketing departments and marketing managers as well as working with small and large businesses owners and management.

“We love what we do and are passionate about making a difference for our clients business.”



It's not just about pretty design

In order to be successful in creating marketing that will benefit our client’s business, we carefully identify the needs and wants of their target market.

This research goes beyond the traditional demographic information such as age, gender and location; we look to gain an understanding about why their customer needs or wants their product or service.

Once this knowledge has been identified, we create designs to appeal directly to target customers and which show the customers that our client has the solutions they’re looking for. We recommend and implement where to advertise and deliver the marketing to.

Using this method ensures that the investment in marketing reaches its intended audience, is also resonating with them and generating actual sales.

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